How it works

addabot is a programmable twitter automation platform

addabot listens for tweets based on a criteria, this criteria can be: keywords, language and/or geo location. Once the tweet occurs, mean any user posts a tweet that maches your initial criteria, will fire an event.

When detected the tweet will pass through a set of conditions, ie: if the user who post the tweet has more than 1000 followers, or any other rule set by you in your trigger.

If the tweet complies with your set of conditions then a set of actions will occur, these actions can either be one or more of the following, Favorite, Retweet, Quote, Tweet, Follow and other twitter functions. The actions may happen instantaneously or with such delay pre set by you in your trigger settings, just set the minimum amount of time and the maximum delay, the trigger selects a random value between the max and min delay time.

How to prevent spam

addabot counts with parameters at two levels one at the automation unit level and another at trigger level. Maximum Amount of Interactions per User by Time Period, can be set from infinite to a number like 1 2 or 3… 10 within a period of time, by day week month or year.

Data Streams

Each data stream is a twitter stream created to feed an automation unit, you can purchase as many data streams as automation units you want to have running at the same time. This is the component you need to buy in order to make your Automation Units active.

Automation Units

An automation unit consistes in a set of triggers that will help you to automate your twitter account, each automation unit can hold up to 20 triggers, each trigger will fire based on a specific criteria. Automation units parameters are: name, description, GMT time, and Maximum Amount of Interactions per User by Time Period.


Triggers are set into an automation unit, each trigger will fire when an Event occurs.
Each trigger holds one event that fires him up, then a set of Conditions are used as filters, and a set of Actions will occur when all conditions are true. Triggers can also work at different times and days based on operation times parameters, each day Monday to Sunday has two operative time window, from to time. For example you can set a trigger to operate Monday to Friday from 7AM to 11AM and 2PM to 7PM or any other day by day. Another useful parameter is delay time minimum and maximum actions on each trigger will occur between min and max delay randomly.

Types of Events

onText : When any user posts a tweet containing a keyword or a combination of keywords
onGeo : When any user posts a tweet within such geographical area, and contains a keyword
onTime : A time of the day, example at 8:30 am +/- 30 minutes, tweet “Good morning”
onTimeline : When a user that your account follows posts a tweet
onRetweet : When a user retweets one of your tweets
onFavorite : When a user favorites one of your tweets
onUnFavorite : When a user unfavorites one of your tweets
onFollow : When a user follows you
onRetweetedRetweet : When a user retweets one of your Retweets
onFavoritedRetweet : When a user favorites one of your Retweets
onQuotedTweet : When a user Quotes one of your tweets


  • Variables to compare

    • Followers count
    • Followings count
    • Tweet Text
    • User profile description
    • Followers / Followings ratio
    • Tweets / Followers ratio
    • Time Zone (City name)
    • User Name
    • Twitter handler
    • Tweet count
  • Comparison functions

    • Greater Than (>)
    • Lower Than (<)
    • Equals (=)
    • Contains
    • Not Contains

Conditions can be stacked one after another in order to make your algorithm more complex,  let say if the tweet contains the word “ice cream” and the user followers count is greater than 1,000 and the user description contains the word “happy” and the user description does not contains the word “sad”. In fact you can create as many combinations as you


Actions are common twitter functions, such as you imagine.

Favorite, Retweet, Follow, Add to List, Unfollow, Remove from List, Block, Mute

Tweet, Reply, Quote : In this case you need to have pre built tweets in order to actually Reply to the user, Post a tweet or Quote a tweet, this pre built tweets are chosen randomly from one or more Group of Tweets, if the group of tweets is only one and it contains just one tweet then that tweet will always be chosen each time this action is executed.

Another option within this cases is to connect an external source of tweets, that can either be artificial intelligence, or any other software that can generates the tweet text in order to comply with the action.

Group of Tweets

A group of tweets is just that, a collection of tweets, consider it as a folder to categorize tweets that can be applied to the same criteria, the group can hold as many pre built tweets as needed, these tweets are generic text containing the text itself, images, video, and links. All tweets that can be used to reply quote or post tweet should been categorized in the same group. The group of tweets has a name and description for future reference. A pre built tweet can belong to one or more groups simultaneously.


Generic text to be used in order to post a tweet, quote or reply. This generic text can hold variables enclosed in brackets, like this: [variable] and also variable text that will be randomly used if the text is enclosed in brackets and separated by pipes, like this: [Hello|Howdy|Hey] in this case one of those 3 words will be used each time.
For example a tweet can be like this:

[Hello|Howdy|Hey] [] I would like to [invite you to know|send you information|give you an advice] about our [place|rentals|apartment] we have a special offer for people from [user.cityname]

Now suppose the is John and he is from New York, the final tweet will look like

Hello John I would like to invite you to know about our place we have a special offer for people from New York


Howdy John i would like to give you an advice about our apartment we have a special offer for people from New York

or… any other possible combination.

Pull Tweet from Url

When this parameter is set on a tweet reply or quote action, the app will post all tweet data to the specified url and wait for a response from that url, so external systems as artificial intelligence, company systems such as reservations flights or any other specific information can be connected through this interface.
This option can be used for example on an airline when a flight number is detected, reply with the current flight number information coming from the company’s system.
We develop custom interfaces on demand for our customers using XML or json structured data.

Image Gallery

Image gallery with all uploaded images, when upload a image to you are able to crop and rotate the image, edit function is always available. The images can be attached to tweets and they will be used when Reply and Post Tweet.


What is needed

  1. A twitter account, with a verified mobile phone number
  2. A twitter app registered by you on twitter developers site

Step by step

  1. Register on and buy at least one twitter data stream.
  2. Create an app in and copy/paste your twitter app credentials.
  3. List your just created apps and copy the link given by addabot platform.
  4. Navigate to this link when signed on twitter website with the account you want to automate, click yes and the account will be registered to your app.
  5. Create an automation unit, selecting your app and account, then create a set of triggers with actions.
  6. List your Automation Units and hit start.

Done! the twitter account is now automated